We specialize in the implementation of the most complicated orders, which makes a really big impression! However, in addition to our services, we also want to share other events from the world of DAHER. The most interesting presented below.

    1,075 MW in Kozienice

    The construction of the power unit with a capacity of 1,075 MW in Kozienice involved more than 2 500 people. The Transport of the heaviest elements implemented the company DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o., which provided a total of 11 components on the construc...

    8 X 292T = 2 336 TONS!

    In recent times we delivered a set of phase shifter (8 pieces - each weighing 292 tons) to the newly created transfer station SE Mikulov. The total mass of the transport is a trifle 2 336 a tons!

    Renaming into Daher

    The Company HEAVY CARGO + SERVICE Sp. z o. o. transformed into DAHER S. A. on 1 January 2016 .We have become so part of the global leader in implementing integrated machine systems.

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We invite all interested in our offer. DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o., are not only the highest quality transport services of loads of large dimensions and weights, but also professional service backed by 150 years of experience. We can realize any, even the most difficult project. Our engineers are always at your disposal and will be happy to provide assistance and professional advice.
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Professional execution of orders from "A" to Z "

DAHER PROJECTS Sp. o.o. is a comprehensive logistic partner in cargo transport of large dimensions and masses, specializing in road and rail transport. We have a own vehicle park and also mediate in arranging the necessary permits and insurances. Many years of experience and deep expertise guarantees the professional execution of individual orders from "„A” to „Z” to". Really, nothing is impossible in the transport of extreme loads, provided that it performs DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. . . .

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