The development of DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o. is possible, thanks to the enormous commitment and systematic implementation of innovative solutions. We are developing for over 150 years and are constantly working on improving the quality of our services. Among other things, this is where our ability to realize the most difficult projects comes from. Apart from these, we also want to share other events from the world of DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o.o. and not only - the most interesting can be found below.

DAHER PROJECTS is actively involved in the expansion of the local power industry

After the new units are delivered, the 3300 MW Opole Power Plant will be the third largest Polish power plant. The investment is due to end in the first quarter of the year 2019.

Until the end of 2017 DAHER PROJECTS will deliver altogether:

  • 7 transformers with a capacity of 375 MVA (each)
  • 6 transformers with a capacity of 90 MVA (each)

In addition we delivered for PSE S.A. the transformers necessary for the expansion and modernization of the following power substations:

  • SE Dobrzeń 330 MVA
  • SE Skawina 450 MVA
  • SE Ostrów Wlkp. 450 MVA

And to the newly established power station in Jaworzno:

  • SE Byczyna, 2 transformers with a capacity of 500 MVA (each)

DAHER PROJECTS supplies to the continent of North America

One of the most important were transatlantic deliveries made for PSE&G:

  • Bayonne transformer with a capacity of 120 MVA,
  • Newark transformer with a capacity of 150 MVA,
  • New Jersey / Marion transformer with a capacity of 150 MVA,
  • New Jersey / Bayway transformer with a capacity 150 MVA

We can also pride ourselves with a very complicated and demanding transformer delivery for Nalcor Energy, to Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.:

  • St. John’s 172 MVA

The greatest difficulties were related to unfavorable weather conditions (winter and spring break) and the hard to reach transformer place.

Renewable energy

In 2016, we have delivered additional transformer supplies for the need of the offshore wind power plant company DONG ENERGY that will be installed on the North Sea platforms:

  • Antwerpia 6 transformers with a capacity of 200 MVA (each)
  • Race Bank 2 transformers with a capacity of 360 MVA (each)
  • Morcambe 2 transformers with a capacity of 470 MVA (each)
  • Denny North 1 transformer with a capacity of 240 MVA

The total weight of these units is over 1,800 tons!

Our recent projects in Scandinavia have also been related to the supply of transformers to the hydroelectric and biomass power plants:

  • Sweden: Stadsforsen 1 x 124 MVA
  • Norway: Tjorhom 1 x 160 MVA - in progress (end of 04.2017)
  • Finland: Aanekoski 1 x 240 MVA.

1,075 MW in Kozienice

The power plant in Kozienice is the second largest power plant in Poland, and the first in terms of generated power among power plants, coal-fired. It is now part of the company "Enea Production" investment. Its history dates back to 1968, when the decision was taken to build six power units of 200 MW. This currently investment of the company "Enea Production" stretches back to 1968, when the decision was taken to build six power units with a capacity of 200 MW. Since then the object has been expanded and currently the power of the installed devices reaches less than 3000 MW.

Currently the energy block, worth more than 6 billion $, with the power of 1075 MW is under construction. For it’s construction were used advanced technology that will allow to restrict the emission of pollutants into the environment and to reduce the cost of power generation. The investment will increase about 1/3 of the generation capacity of the power plant Kozienice. After the launch of the block, the Kozienice power plant will have a power of approx. 4,000 MW and is expected to produce approx. 13% of Polish electricity. Deadline for completion is planned for 2017.

The transport of the heaviest elements was implemented by the company DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o.o., The company delivered a total of 11 components to the construction site. Among them are:

8 X 292T = 2 336 TONS!

Owned by the State Treasury, the Polish Power Grid Company electricity networks S.A. (PSE) is the electricity transmission system operator in Poland and deals with the transmission of electricity to all regions of the country. The PSE system infrastructure consists of, approx.13.5 thousand miles of lines and over 100 power stations of the highest tension.

In Mikułowa (Lower Silesia) is, put into service in 1960, the substation 400/220/110 kV Mikułowa. This is the first in Poland working 400 kV voltage substation and one of the most important stations of the merging energy systems between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. 2014 was launched the modernization of the station, providing design, construction, supply and installation of phase shifters. These are special transformer types which have been designed to enable the adjustment of the voltage angle, changing thereby the power flow in the system. Their installation will increase safety and the capacity of cross-border exchanges between the power systems of Poland and Germany.

The transport of the equipment, weighting trifle 292 tons, has been carried out in cooperation with the company DAHER. All in all, we delivered to the built substation a set of eight shifters - their total weight was up to 2 336 tons!. We delivered in the past even heavier loads.

Renaming into Daher

The origins of our business, dates back to the end of 2005, when the German company Nuclear Cargo Service GmbH decided to expand its activity on Polish territory. And so, the agreement in 2005 allowed the company to start, in the first quarter of 2006, business in our country. Under the banner: HEAVY CARGO + SERVICE Sp. o.o. HCS Business became subject of the national and international shipping – in particular heavy freight transport by rail, road and water. In 2007 the Nuclear Cargo Service GmbH was taken over by the French concern DAHER and so HEAVY CARGO + SERVICE SP. z o.o. has become an integral part of the world leader in the implementation of integrated machine systems. On January 2016 HEAVY CARGO + SERVICE SP. z o.o. changed its name to DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o.o.

DAHER is a French concern that carries out its activities in many areas of production, services and transport- aerospace, automotive, defense, and nuclear energy. The company was founded in the year 1863 by Barban Alphonse in Marseille. Eight years later, Paul Daher took over the company and turned it into Barban & Daher. From the beginning on, the company specialized in the comprehensive transport of heavy loads, and in the later years its activity was systematically expanded. The Mission of the concern is implementing of innovative services and the latest technology. We are glad that we have become part of this global leadership in the implementation of future-oriented solutions.

We invite you to get acquainted with the rich history the companyDAHER!

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