Innovative solutions based on150 years of experience.

DAHER PROJECTS Sp z o.o. provides freight loads with large dimensions and weights in the field of logistics, rail, road and waterway transport. We have our own park of Rail and road vehicles of extremely large carrying capacity. In addition to the comprehensive transport services, our customers can count on help in obtaining permits, insurances as well as the organization of a complete transport chain from the place of loading to the point of installation.

We specialize in logistics of large dimension and heavy cargo in all transport relations. Many years of experience and deep expertise ensures our clients with professional and reliable services that meet individual needs. Reliability and maximum security of transport is possible thanks to the best qualified staff of professionals who are always ready to solve the most complicated task, both in the country and the most distant corner of the world.

The origins of our business in Poland dates back to 2005 as a division of the German company Nuclear Cargo Service GmbH. Currently, we are part of the DAHER group- a world leader in implementing innovative solutions in many areas of manufacturing, services and transport- aviation industry, automotive, defense, and nuclear energy. The 150 year history of the DAHER Group is a guarantee of experience and a very strong foundation in the development of innovative services at the highest level in the future.


Innovative solutions supported by 150 years of experience.

How equally rich history like Daher, and say that they really do not got older? The history of the DAHER group is over 150 years of consistent implementation of innovative solutions and unique blend of history and modernity. We are proud that we are part of it and are happy to present the most interesting facts from our history.



During many years of activity we have gained a vast experience, which is reflected in all aspects of our business. It is also present at every stage of our work, from competent advice to the final version of the transport concept, which is formed with the participation of the best experts in the industry. The highest quality and reliability of services is reflected in the numerous certificates and diplomas that we are happy to present below. However, all of our offer is primarily subordinated to the individual


Quality and reliability with global reach

For many years DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o. develops professional transport services, freight forwarding and logistics services in domestic and international transport of heavy and oversized loads. We always search for our clients, for the most efficient routes for rail, road and water transport. We are proud that from our services have benefited so far the largest industrial enterprises in the country and the world. We cooperate for example with all known producers of transformers, generators and drive shafts, as well as with European suppliers of electricity. From a very long list of Customers for which DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. performed services, we would like to present at least a few of them.

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