DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o.o. offers a modern and highly specialized fleet of vehicles that run on rails and road and which is perfectly tailored to the requirements of heavy haulage and oversized loads. Our customers have at their disposal a wide range of rail, road and specialized vehicles.

Rail transport

Among the rail vehicles we offer more than 30 different types of rail-cars for the transport of oversized and heavy cargo. These are rail-cars with recessed floor, side cars and cars, which have the ability to move the hydraulic load vertically and horizontally during transport. Our rail cars can be used perfectly in transport with exceeded gauge railway.

W offer cars with recessed floor- 2 to16 axes, sideboard cars and cars with bow axes from10 to 32 axes. There able to carry up to 450 tons.

Road vehicles

DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o. has an extensive fleet of road vehicles for the transport of large and heavy loads, these are the different types of specialized tractors, as well as vehicles and special axes.

Special tractors

DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o. owns specialized tractors. These vehicles are designed to carry cargo weighing more than 200 tonnes. Among them there are tractors with reduced and normal wheelbase that has been specially designed for use in a variety of comparisons and combinations. Currently, DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o. offers 6 modern tractors for heavy cargo, including 2 models with detachable hydraulic weight bridge. The mighty power of 500 hp provides mobility and versatility.

Special vehicles

Special vehicles from our offer are self-propelled vehicles of the company Scheuerle. They occure in variant of 10 and 16 axes with a capacity of more than 730 hp, which has been specially designed and constructed according to the requirements of Deutsche Bahn. By using these types of vehicles, you can be partially opt out of additional tractors, because of they excellent maneuverability and mobility. At the time of their use, during the transport of cargo, are achieved the highest speeds. Special vehicles in the offer of DAHER PROJECTS SP. z.o o., belong to the best vehicles in their class. They are able to pull up a load of up to 1000 tons, provide a solution which at the present days is available only in Europe-

Multi-axle vehicles

The modern axis solutions of increased strength from the DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. offer, allows a cargo transportation weighing over 200 tons. These are vehicles in a variant of 5-and 6-axis that belong to the modern modular rail-cars, used for the carriage of goods with highest weights. There are also possible combinations of maximum20 working axis, both in the mode of trailer and "Swan neck". DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o.o. offers a total of more than 110 axe lines of the company Scheuerle.

Convoy transport

As part of their services, DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. also offers road and rail transport escorting and convoying. Therefore, a specialized convoy composed of experienced employees of our company, accompanies the transport of cargo with the use of specialized vehicles. The Rail cars of the escorts have their own power supply, are fully equipped with communications facilities and offer sleeping berths for the convenience of staff. For the duration of the journey, the accompanying staff guarantee a safe and secure execution of each transport order realized by DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o..

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