The beginnings German company Nuclear Cargo Service GmbH. Currently, we are part of the Daher group, world leader in implementing innovative solutions in many areas of manufacturing, service and transportation- Aerospace, automotive, defense, and nuclear energy. The 150-years of history of the Daher group is a guarantee of experience and a very strong foundation in the development of innovative services at the highest level in the future.

1999 - 2015 development in services and manufacturing

January 2016 - changes in Poland
The Polish company Heavy Cargo + Service Sp. o.o., which belongs after the acquisition by DAHER to the company Nuclear Cargo Service GmbH, since 2007 to the DAHER group, is changing its name to DAHER Projects.
2015 - New brand identity
DAHER develops management strategy and adopts a new brand identity.
2013 - DAHER is already 150 years old
DAHER Group celebrates its 150th anniversary. Celebrating our rich history, we are planning further development in the implementation of future-oriented and innovative services, products and technologies.
2011 - DAHER supplier for nuclear power plants
In 2011, DAHER group joined the company: Vanatome and Verdelet, undisputed experts in the field of valves and key equipment intended for nuclear power plants.
March 2009 - entering into the Investment Fund
The investment of FSI (le Fonds Stratégique d'Investissement - Strategic Investment Fund) in the DAHER group in March 2009, is first such investment in the 147-year history of the company. The new shareholder opens up new possibilities for the development of the group DAHER.
January 2009 - acquisition of Socata
In January 2009, DAHER takes over the company Socata - the successor of the famous aircraft manufacturer Morane Saulnier, whose history dates back to 1911. In this way, the DAHER group becomes aircraft manufacturer, and also develops services and products for the aerospace industry. The offer of the Group was among others the small aircraft TBM turboprop.
2007 - Acquisition of Nuclear Cargo Service
Nuclear Cargo Service GmbH is a market leader in the transport of nuclear technology, which has been operating since 2006 also in Poland under the name of Heavy Cargo + Service Sp. o.o. The fact of the acquisition of NCS by DAHER in 2007 provides further development of the group in Europe and the United States. The fact of the acquisition of NCS by DAHER also means that the Polish company Heavy Cargo + Service Sp. o.o. becomes part of the DAHER group.
September 2003 - development in the UK
In Britain, Rolls Royce Aerospace sells his company to Sawley Packaging. Despite international competition, bidders are picking the DAHER company, which offers a wide range in the implementation of innovative technology and extensive experience in the aerospace sector. The new subsidiary of DAHER uses RFID technology (called Radio-frequency identification) to upgrade assembly lines for Rolls-Royce engines. This allows to generate as much as 30% savings in logistical costs.
June 2003 - developments in the area of thermal insulation systems
DAHER acquires the French company Manutex of Saint-Nazaire and employs approx. 100 people. The company produces insulation mats for Airbus. DAHER uses the acquisition of Manutex to expand in the area of logistics and transport.
2001 - Lacroix Lucaero in the DAHER group
DAHER has a strong position on the composite pipes aircraft market. The Group also wants to gain position as the European leader in the system of fluid distribution. For this purpose it is necessary to extend the offer also with metal pipe systems for high pressure and high temperature. In February 2001 Lacroix Lucaero joins the DAHER group, which brings modern technologies in production of metal pipes.
1999 - Acquisition of Lhotellier Montrichard
In 1999, DAHER takes over the family business Lhotellier Montrichard, specializing in aerospace and defense. This way, DAHER expands into new areas.

1980 - 1994 Partner in global logistics

1994 - Global logistics for the refinery in Omsk
The fall of the Berlin Wall, expands the opportunities for business expansion in the east. In 1994, DAHER wins the contract for the supply of goods to the refinery in Omsk, Lowland Western Siberia. Transport routes lead among others across the river Om, which remains frozen for 10 months a year. Estimated volume of all cargo is approx. 11 000 m3 and is delivered to Omsk from around the world.
1990 - Participation in the construction of nuclear power plant in China
In 1990, DAHER is responsible for the delivery of all components to the construction side of the first nuclear power plant in China built in French technology, which takes place in the Daya Bay.
1989 - Partner of Airbus
In 1989, DAHER becomes partner of Airbus and was chosen to carry out the transport of an enormous loading hatch of the transport aircraft Airbus Beluga (named so because of the shape resembling a distinctive head of a white whale) from Southampton in England to Toulouse.
1980 - The beginnings of logistics activities
Since 1987, DAHER plays a significant role in global logistics. It provides services for manufacturing, distribution and supply.

1863 - 1972 Partner for industry

1972 - Participation in the French nuclear program
During the oil crisis, France implements a large-scale program of building nuclear power plants. For the purposes of this program DAHER provides three cranes with a lifting capacity of 550 tons, which are used in each power plant built over a period of 2 years.
1930 ? Transport of locomotives and railway cars
DAHER develops its transport activity on a large scale. Since 1930, DAHER is a specialist in the field of transport of locomotives and railway cars by sea.
1921 - The first loading in the Middle East
In 1920, Gabriel, son of Paul DAHER opens a branch that is dealing with charters. He performs 1921, the first transports of large pipelines in the Middle east, becoming the leader in the fast growing field of energy.
1880 - transport in just 100 days
Since 1880, the company specializes in the transport of heavy loads, which part of it is taking place on the ship Herald of the Morning. He sailed in record time of 100 days from Marseilles to San Francisco, passing the dangerous Cape Horn.
1863 - The beginnings of DAHER
The story of DAHER begins 1863 in Marseille. Alphonse Barban assumes a company specializing in maritime transport. Eight years later it is taken over by Paul Daher and transformed into Barban & DAHER.1887 it changed its name to DAHER.
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