The history of the DAHER group dates back to the year 1863. We conduct business in Poland for more than 10 years. Many years of experience and professional approach to each job ensures professional and reliable implementation of the most complex jobs. This is why, among other things, DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. belongs to the market leaders in transport of large dimensions and masses.

Transfer station in Mikulov

The substation 400/220/110 kV in Mikułowa (Lower Silesia) is the first in Poland working 400 kV voltage substation and one of the most important stations of the merging energy systems between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. It is one of the over 100 power stations of the highest tension, belonging to the country transmission of electricity system. The operator of the substation is the State Treasury Company, the Polish Power Grid Operator, PSE Operator SA.

The Mikułowa station was put into service in 1960 and launched 2014 for modernization. The project provides design, construction, supply and installation of phase shifters- a special type of transformers designed to enable adjustment of the angle of the voltage angle, thereby changing the power flow in the system. Their installation will increase safety and the capacity of cross-border exchanges between the power systems of Poland and Germany.

The transport of the phase shifters, each weighting up to 292 tons, was performed by the company HEAVY CARGO + SERVICE Sp. z o. o. (now DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o.). In total, we provided a set of eight devices - their total weight was up to 2 336 tons!

Power Plant in Kozienice

The coal-fired power plant in Kozienice is the first power plant in terms of generated power in Poland. It is now part of the company "Enea Production" investment. Its history is dating back to 1968, with the build of six power units of 200 MW. Since then it has been expanded and currently the power of the installed devices reaches less than 3000 MW.

Currently the energy block, worth more than 6 billion $, with the power of 1075 MW is under construction. For it?s construction were used advanced technology which will reduce the emission of pollutants into the environment and the costs of energy production. The investment will increase the capacity of the station about 30% . After the launch, the power plant will have a power of approx. 4,000 MW. It will be approx. 13% of Electricity produced in Poland. Deadline for completion is planned for 2017.

The transport of 11 components to the construction site was performed by the company HEAVY CARGO + SERVICE Sp. z o. o. (present DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o.o.).

Among the transported elements are:

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