Range of service

Complex transportation services in service of Cargo projects.

DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o.o. offers comprehensive services in the transport of goods with the use of rail, road and waterway transport. The scope of our activities includes freight forwarding and logistics, as well as carrier services at national and international levels. We specialize in logistics of large loads and masses in all transport relations. We put a huge emphasis on reliability, individual approach to every order and maximum security. Qualified personnel guarantee professional service and comprehensive implementation of the orders. Many years of experience allows us to meet with the most demanding expectations.

We provide top quality services in the following areas:

Road transport

We provide the support of cargo shipments in road transport of national and international range. We get almost to all European countries and selected countries in Asia, from northern Sweden, Finland, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, through to the Asian part of Russia. We have a specialized fleet of vehicles: various types of special tractors for cargo exeeding well over 200 tonnes, including the self-propelled vehicle Scheuerle Basis LS 250. In addition to the transport, our customers can count on help in obtaining the necessary permits, expertise, analysis and insurances. The range of services also includes the handling of customs formalities, as well as other documentation or reports required in a given job.

We provide the following services:

Rail transport

The organization of rail transport in the transport of oversized and heavy cargo is playing a particular role in DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. The range of our activities covers the area of whole Europe, Western and Central Asia. We provide services with specialized rail-cars for heavy long, high and wide elements. We have our own rolling stock, including more than 30 different types of rail-cars with recessed floor (10 to 32 axes), with optional special equipment, which have the ability to move hydraulic load vertically and horizontally. The only limitation in rail transport carried out by DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o. is the size of the gauge railway. Professional service at the highest level is a hallmark of DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o.!

We provide the following services:

Water transport - inland, sea and ocean

Our services in the field of cargo transportation by water are carried out on both: on inland and sea. In order to our services on waterways are involved coasters, boats, ships, as well as a specialized fleet - ships with on-board cranes, floating cranes and inland barges. Loads supported by DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o. reach almost all continents - from Europe through North America, Asia and even the Far East and Malaysia! At the same time we aim to make the whole transport process as simple and economic as possible. As with other services our customers can count on professional help and advice.

Our services include water transport:

Specialized transport

The organization of specialized transport in the field of heavy and oversized loads (the so-called. "Project Cargo"), is an important area of activity of DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o.o. . We are organizing the complete transport chain from the point of loading to the place of assembly with the full optimization of costs. We assist in obtaining the necessary permits and insurances, both before commissioning and in the course of implementation. The range of our business covers an area of almost the entire world! In addition to the organization of the transport process we help in obtaining the necessary permits and insurances.

Specialized transport services of DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o.:

Logistic chains

DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. provides comprehensive logistics services tailored to the individual needs of clients. We propose the best solutions with the use of the available means of transport, including door-to-door transport. The result of all these activities is reduction of costs, associated with the maintenance for example of warehouses and transport fleet or the inventory stock reduction.

Service of the logistics chains of DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o. o.:


DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. provides expert advice to clients in terms of loading and reloading and the choice of the appropriate means of transport - rail, road and water. We offer many ways of loading/reloading- mobile and telescopic cranes, lattices, and also by using hydraulic cylinders, beams, and gantry (lift system). This process depends on the size and type of cargo, its center of gravity, hooking points and its location.

Unusual shipments require specific solutions. Our customers can always count on an appropriate choice of the transport fleet, which will be safe, efficient and economic as possible. Our many years of experience in the field of transport of heavy and oversized loads guarantee a safe process of loading, shipping, as well as the accurate selection of the transshipment points. The professionalism of DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. is a solid basis for the success of our partners!

Supervision of transport

DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. provides professional transportation control for the whole journey. We have direct access to information about the location of rail-cars and in this way we are able to conduct continuously oversight of the entire course of the transport. Constant and precise supervision of its course provides reliable and timely execution of the service. We are in close contact with our partners at every stage of the job.

DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o.o. based on Cargolog Data Logging System offers a service of continuous recording of events and atmospheric conditions to which the load was exposed during transport and reloading. Thanks to this modern technology, we can clearly record not only the time, but also indicate the place of the event.

Throughout the entire logistics chain it is possible to measure and record parameters such as:

  • impact/ shock,
  • air temperature and humidity,
  • the load's angle of inclination

DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. is a reliable partner who understands and cares about the interests of its customers, and also guarantees efficient and reliable implementation of each job!

Design, expertise, implementation

For many years, DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. executes a very demanding job that allowed to achieve a leading position on the Polish and international market. Each task is individually reviewed by our engineers in terms of ensuring the safety of the cargo. They develop plans for loading and reloading in order to smooth implementation of transport, while preserving the full cost effectiveness. We also conduct analyses about possible ways of arrival with the selected means of transport to the indicated place of delivery. If necessary, we provide expertise about the possibility of crossing bridges, viaducts or roads, as well as the actual possibility of delivery to the indicated place. At the request of our customers we provide calculations confirmed by an independent licensed surveyor.


The complete organization of transport for heavy and oversized loads, it is something we are really good in. However, customers expect from us more than just transport and service itself. The offer of DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. hence technical advice at every stage of the preparation and implementation of transport projects, as well as extensive assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses or insurances. DAHER PROJECTS SP. z o. o. offer takes into account, advice at every stage of the preparation and implementation of the transport projects, as well as extensive assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses and insurances. We also support customs formalities and other records, or reports required in terms of the transport. Customers can count on professional assistance in securing the load and in the choice of the most suitable means of transport. DAHER PROJECTS Sp. z o.o. makes sure that every order was made at the highest level, taking into account the individual needs of the client.

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